"You’re usin’ explosive munitions by choice? Not as a stupid bet or anything?” 

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Daft Punk - Derezzed [x]

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Mass Effect 3 - I Was Lost Without You (Extended)

I saw no one else posting the extended version so I thought I’d share it

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   "Yeah I’ve heard of you." Theodora eyed the woman sitting in her chair cautiously. She knew most weapons dealers on Omega by name, and she was a new comer. She’d heard of her misfortune with the other mercs, none of who she had run into in the past, leaving questions with her informants.  Theodora sat the brown paper bag she had been carrying on her own desk, she’d left her door open only because she was running across the square, to Little Jimmys, for lunch.  ”What do you have in mind. I only have one rule, and that is I don’t deal in Slaving.” This woman, sitting in Theodora’s sacred swivel chair, felt oddly familiar to the French woman, but she could place her in her mind.

   Theodora sat herself down in one of the two smaller cheaper chairs in front of her desk and eyed the woman. "If it deals in slaving, then you’ll have to find someone else. You are a weapons dealer, so I doubt that it is though." Was she an Ex-Widow? No, Theodora knew the name of every living Widow’s gang member and they did not have an Emilia. She hadn’t been on Akuze either. She only knew of one other woman who survived that, and she came out the hero. She titled her head to the side, trying to find where she had seen this woman before, but drew a blank on any local.

She was appropriately shocked. “Slaving. Do I look like I’ve got four eyes and a chip on my shoulder the size of Eden Prime? No, I have no intentions to sully the Luther name with that distastefulness.” A bit of tutting, a little shaking of the head. Emilia Luther was a bit of an ass — possibly a bigger one than Seph. 

I’m not just a weapons dealer, sweetheart. That’s just what pays the bills. One of these days, Luther is gonna join the ranks of Serrice and Elanus in personalized defense tech.” It wasn’t fair, she mused. Seph had the brunt of Alliance intel to bear — including the name and BAaT registration. If not for those allowing comparisons to be drawn, she would be mystified. 

But to business!” Petite Teddy had certainly grown out of her adolescence, in character, at least. Height was still a bit of an issue. Activating her omni-tool, the infiltrator sent a screen-share request over, then proceeded to talk over the holo-dossier. “A particular client of mine has neglected to pay the lease for munitions offered. He is on Omega. I intend to collect on either the weapons or the credits. It should be a simple affair — we enter the gentleman’s house of residence and ask him politely for his pay.” A pause. “Too simple, I agree, for a mercenary of your standing, but you’ll forgive me my eccentricities. I prefer to understand personally how one chooses to present themselves before offering more complex jobs. Consider it a test-drive, a gateway to future mutually beneficial endeavours.”

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